Make cryptocurrency trading and exchange website

Make cryptocurrency trading and exchange website

If you are thinking to launch your own trading and exchange website then you came at the right place. I’m Mahfuz, a professional web designer and developer with more than 4 years experience. I will assist you to successfully launch you own trading and exchange website. I will be with you in the whole process. I will make your ownt trading and exchange website as your requirements. You will get professional service with fast delivery and 100% satisfaction.

cryptocurrency trading and exchange website
make trading and exchange website

If you have already researched about how to build trading website then hope you have got some idea.If not then don’t worry , you do not need to know. May be you will think how much it cost to build a trading website. Actually it is depend on your requirements. A trading and exchange website can be built through php, laravel, nodejs, ruby on rails and some other languages. If your requirements can be covered with php and laravel then the cost will be $300-$700. Otherwise cost will be $1500+ .

demo 1 exchange website

Hope this cost is not much for you because you are going to launch your own trading and exchange platform.And do not worry, I am here to give you best service at affordable price. I have built 50+ trading and exchange websites within from past 2 years.

Now let’s discuss about what kind of web server you need. If your website can be built with php and laravel then you do not need to buy vps. You can use shared hosting for it but if your website needs to build with nodejs, ruby on rails or need to deploy trading system then you have to buy and its maintenance cost will be much.

Now I am going to say what you will get from me. Actually We are working with trading and exchange website from past 4 years and I know how can be the trading and exchange website built. We will make your trading website as your requirements. Your website will be fully responsive and eye catching. You can easily manage/control your website from admin panel. You can add coins/tokens/pre launched coins/tokens. You can accept payments with tokens. We will setup everything. Payment methods will be integrated. If you want We can add demo and real account system. 2FA and google recaptcha added for security. KYC can be added for id verification. You can get trading website like binance and other exchanges.

So why are you waiting for ? . Send us message about to discuss about your website. And Do not worry consultant is free. We will disucss about your website so that We can give you best service.

cryptocurrency trading and exchange website
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