Top 5 winning products in October 2019

Top 5 winning products in October 2019

Today I’m going to be giving you top 5 winning products in october 2019 that you can go out there and get some great results with. Today you guys are going to need 5 winning products that you can go out there and use those to get some great results with so. I have given you the,list of 30 products I’ve done my due,diligence I’ve done my research. I’m also going to giving you what interests that I’d recommend using and the reasons why these are winning products and you’ve got great butcher they got great potential to do amazing things. Now let’s dive straight,into the winning products.

  1. The first product on today’s list is this back posture corrector. Now it’s not the back posture corrector you think it is it’s made for people that sit down for long periods of time so you can see here the image of somebody sitting on the stool and you can see the picture of that back. When the normally using a store and then you can see it with the posture corrector and one size fits all. Now if you’re sitting down for long periods of time it doesn’t even matter if you’ve got a back part here like even this chair it has a back support but even on long periods of times over five six hours my back starts to hurt. Now this product solves that problem. There’s no back support and what you’re sitting on or if you have got back support on your chair this product is made to make sure that your back posture is correct. So technically I should be sitting on my chair like this boy it hurts for too long so that product that, roduct which is the back posture,corrector would help me out so if you’ve already been doing back posture correct. Just before you’ve got facebook data then you’re already a head start against anybody else so if you’re somebody who’s,watching this and you currently have a store previously that’s been doing pusher correctors or any form of posture corrector and you’ve got the pixel data then this is going to be a goldmine for you. In terms of what interests you’re gonna want to use as things like therapy,things like generic interest things like comfortability things like people that work down like hairdressers barbers,people that use a store at their workplace or barbers normally use tools like this. When they’re sitting down cutting hair cutting young people’s hair and anything like that is great now this is what we call a generic Pro because it,can be used in so many cases so you want to try and keep it as broad as you can but I would recommend doing single interest for example at barbers things like that. You’ve got on a prices product with a fifteen dollar profit margin. All products should have a fifteen dollar profit margin. So I would price this product at $24. 99 and you could go up to $28. 99 but I would recommend the $25. 99 price range and that is the reason why it’s on today’s list. We all know posture correct has done amazing things in the past and they really do help and they are beneficial now.

2.The next product is a running resistance parachute. A kind of thing so what you do is you tie this parachute around your waist and what happens is when you run,the gravity or the force is pulling you back ,so what you’re using is you use a more muscle. I’m sure you guys already knew that from the image but that’s howit works now I’ve actually never seen,anybody use a product like this at the,gym or outside my house and I’ve read,the reviews for this product and it’s,meant to be a very good resistant product for when you’re working out so the kind of interest that you can only use is like Jim. Jim Jacques Naik a DDoS not down by Fitness things like that but this product is amazing it’s had some really great reviews. I’ve never seen anybody really use this kind of product before the gym niche is a very engaged in each as well you can own a price this,one at $27. 99 or you could even do,$24. 99 it’s completely up to you but,this products had some really great,reviews and like I said target things like gym fitness gym shark Naik those kind of interest and that’s the reason why it’s on today’s list it’s a unique product. It has that wow factor to it so,if you’re gonna make a video with this,product you’re definitely gonna get,people’s attention,the next product on today’s list is this,multifunctional pelvis bomb muscle power this kind of products of what you do is you put this product in between your thighs and what happens is these products are irrelevant up here I don’t know why they put those on there but,what you meant to do is you meant to put,it in like this,and when you work out what it’s meant to,do is as men,make sure the morsels when you’re working out are kind of like growing in a certain angle if that makes sense so at the end of the day it’s all good work and out but if your muscles ain’t grown. In the right way then it’s gonna cause more damage than good so what this products made to do is meant to enhance the muscle growth between your pelvis and your bottom and I just meant to make things grow a lot more faster a lot more better I’m really bad at explaining things like this because I rather complicated for me but you get the idea it’s made to make your body look a lot nicer. When you’re working out because it grows in a bear so it looks a lot nicer so that’s how the product works. If you want to do things like Fitness Gym shark in here on a narrow down by women you’re gonna want to target obviously only women first product and then target gym fitness and all those other metrics I mentioned on the last product with the parachute. And you’re going to want to price this product at something like $34. 99 is probably the best price point for this product. I wouldn’t go any higher because she probably wouldn’t solve any but women pay a good,amount of money to get a good looking body so that’s why it’s on today’s list.

3.The 3rd product on today’s list is this folding fishing chair or outdoor waiting chair. So it’s not actually per specific for fishing people or outdoor camping people .It’s for anybody that’s traveling a lot and they’re having to wait and commute.So if you’re somebody that’s working in the city and you having to get tram after tram or tube after tube. Like for example London or New York or any for Mercy Center and you’re waiting around you can see people wait for the train you can see here people just sitting outside what it is. It’s afoldable chair so you fold it out I’ll show you that show you the image here and it turns into a chair like this now I’ve seen the reviews of this chair and,they’re going crazy for it people are,saying it’s amazing it’s comfortable and,it works you can literally put it into your bag it folds up super small so you can put into your bag and commute with it. Now with this product again you’re going to want to keep it quite generic target things like work target things,like outdoor camping target things ,like traveling target things, like commuting those interests will be amazing and you’re gonna want to price this one at $34.99 or $32.99 .That’s the price point .It solves a problem waiting around with your leg pains your back pains .Why not sit down ? You can take it out from your bag fold it up and then sit on it and you’re all good to go .So,that’s why it’s on today’s list. It’s got the wow factor when people see pictures like this they’re like what the hell and, they get a spa interests so that’s why it’s on today’s.

4. And now the 4th product is this nasal wash and cleaner. So what it basically does is it cleans. You’ll know so if you’re worried about having any forms of bogies in your nose or any thermal grit order what this product does is it works in a way where it pushes everything out with water. I believe and it just basically cleans your whole nose and like I said it’s had some really really good reviews It got 4.9 star reviews and sold 3524 orders. Now this products trending. It’s starting to really pick up on the trending section so that’s the reason why I put on today’s list you do not want to miss on this product before it actually trends. You want to catch it now whilst it’s trending or should we say stands up trend and like I said you want to target things like beauty hygiene things like women’s interest, like spas anything in terms of beauty.In terms of making yourself look nice like Beauty stuff anything in terms of hygiene they’re completely fine guys in terms of hydrogen and beauty they’re the kind of interest that you’re gonna want to use this product and you’re gonna want to price this one at $17.99 and that is a perfect price point for this product.

5. The last product on today’s list is a really cool funky product. It’s a multi color silicone case. So you can pick whatever colors you want for this product it comes in loads of different colors. It’s for your air pod.So it’s like a cover you put of your air pods. Number one it protects your ear pods case if you want to sell your air pod later you want it to come in good condition number two is you can actually make it look fun so instead of it being that ballroom white color I’ve got my air pops over there.Let me get them so you can see here here’s my air pods that are a boar and white color they look horrible especially when they get dirty and you start to have them for a while they scratch.They look like Yorkie. They just don’t look very nice so this product you can actually make it look a lot nicer by picking a nice color over it and it comes with a hook. So if you’reworried about losing them you can hook them to your bag to your bow whatever and again Apple buyers normally have a high income and then normally a lot more engaged and normal buyers so that’s the reason why I put it on today’s list.Number one it’s an Apple product and apple products only sell very very well. The Apple people that buy apple products have a higher income and they’re engaged buyers. And number three it’s a core product you can change the color of your earbuds case also you can make sure that you don’t lose them so that’s what’s on today’s list and it gives people loads of different varieties now you’re not talking thing, like Apple iPhones and narrow it down by headphones.And there’s not actually an interest for air pods your clients.You put air pods but in terms just Apple that’s completely fine and that’s the reason why it’s on today’s list.

So guys, if you want you can research on those 5 products and hope you can understand why I have said those are trending products in october 2019.You can sell those products through affiliate marketing or dropshipping website and can get much benefits.

And if you do not have any website to sell products then you can contact me. I am a professional web designer and developer. I can make awesome website with top winning products so that you can grow your business .

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Then bye for today and will come back next month with top products for your business.

Have a nice day !

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